To Serve Music, The Clarinet,

and Each Other

We're a Paternal Organization for Clarinet Players

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Non-Profit Promoting Clarinetists Across the Globe

World Clarinet Alliance is a non-profit clarinet musical organization. We are a paternal organization for clarinet players and help up-and-coming talents of all ages across the globe. We believe music is an art, and uncovering the talent of budding and talented clarinet players is our passion.

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Who We Are

We are a team of experienced music professionals with over 20 years of experience. Our members reserve valuable knowledge of clarinet playing and guide upcoming artists in their musical journeys. We keep our members updated on all information related to events we service, and talents we find.

Sedgwick Partners

What We Do

Music is our world, and we respect every musician. Whether you are a beginner or proficient in clarinet, you are welcome to our family. We highlight new talents, festivals, important events and look for talent to help various musical groups ranging from schools, universities to military bands.

We provide a community for talents that find their way to us.